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PROMETRIC is a testing agency established in the United States that executes eligibility exams for healthcare professionals in Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait.
Before or after finishing the DATAFLOW, the Oman PROMETRIC and Qatar PROMETRIC can be taken. The Saudi PROMETRIC, on the other hand, requires the completion of DATAFLOW verification.

Why Medcity ?

The PROMETRIC test preparation in Medcity is a three-day crash course that goes over all of the previously asked questions as well as other potential questions. To reinforce the individual revisionary activity, the most important themes in nursing curriculum are recapitulated. Each applicant who enrols in the crash course receives access to an application that can be downloaded and practised on a device. When reviewing the application, the reasons for the answer and why another choice isn't possible are all mentioned.

Format for Prometric

The total number of questions is 120, and you have four hours to answer them. All of the questions are multiple-choice. The OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is the second part of the test, and it assesses your clinical knowledge. Only after passing both of these tests can a candidate become qualified to work as a registered nurse.The CBT consists of 120 multiple-choice questions designed to assess your skill and knowledge to safely practice nursing in the United Kingdom.
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