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The Pearson VUE Computer-based Test for the UK is an objective exam that is required to operate as a registered nurse in the United Kingdom. The CBT is the first section of the exam, and the candidate can choose his or her specialist field.

Why CBT ?

The possibilities for specialist fields are as follows: Adult nursing, pediatric nursing, learning disabilities nursing, and mental health nursing are all options.

The application of generic nursing competences to the specific field of nursing being applied for, such as adult, child, learning disability, or mental health nursing, will be the subject of 50 questions.

Format for CBT

The total number of questions is 120, and you have four hours to answer them. All of the questions are multiple-choice. The OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is the second part of the test, and it assesses your clinical knowledge. Only after passing both of these tests can a candidate become qualified to work as a registered nurse.The CBT consists of 120 multiple-choice questions designed to assess your skill and knowledge to safely practice nursing in the United Kingdom.
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