How to prepare for your PTE Exam?

Three important steps before starting your PTE Exam preparation.

  • Find out your target score: Target score is determined depending on your need. The score needed for migration can be different from the score needed for studies. Finding out this score is the first and the most important step before starting your preparations.

  • Find out your current score: Take a PTE mini mock test or a basic language skill test on any trustworthy site. This will help you to understand where you stand.

  • Determine the gap between your target and current scores: Now that you have your target score and your current score, your aim is to close the gap between the two.

  • Here are some tips to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Start listening to something every single day. You can listen to podcasts or Ted talks while driving or cooking. This can really help you to improve your English. Listening for at least 10 minutes a day would really do improve your listening skills. Learning all 8 listening tasks is also important as each one tests you on a different skill. It’s important that you understand them all really well.

Reading is all about vocabulary. Reading something in English every single day is the first important thing to be done. Even if its one news article or one chapter of a novel, try to make it a habit to read something every day. You can even use your social media pages for this. Next tip is to improve your grammar skills. This can be really helpful for your writing task as well. Practice writing every day and try to get feedback for your writing. Feedbacks can be given by an English language trainer.

Final tip is to improve your speaking skills. Talking to someone is the best way to improve your speaking skills. If you don’t have anyone to talk with in English, reading aloud can help you improve your pronunciation and gain confidence.

Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute. Always plan ahead and be wise with your time. Try not to depend on YouTube teaching videos or free mock tests. They are mostly of poor quality and misleading. Join an established PTE study center to start your preparation journey.


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