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Overused phrases in OET role play and their substitutes

Commonly used phrases in OET role-play and their substitutes.

In your role-play card you may come across phrases that you have to use repeatedly in the conversation to your invigilator. However, using the same words repeatedly is not ideal during a role play. Hence we must find other phrases to substitute these frequently used ones so that it gives our conversations more depth and it helps you come across as being more sophisticated to the invigilator, this in turn will help you improve your score massively. For example in the above paragraph we substituted the word ‘repeatedly’ with the word ‘frequently’.

This article will help you understand the repeated phases and make an impactful change in the conversation by using words and phrases that enhance the quality of the conversation as well as improving your scores. In this article, you will find some common verbs such as:

1. Find out the present symptoms

Here are some substitutes:-

· Would you mind explaining to me the start of your symptoms?

· Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

· Could you tell me how and when your symptoms started?

2. Explain the importance of using the medications.

Here are some substitutes:-

· It is very important that you use the medications as prescribed

· As mentioned earlier, the only thing that matters is that you take your meds on time

· Not taking your meds on time is a great concern, so timely intake of medications should be your priority

3. Reinforce the need for using a moisturizer.

Here are some substitutes:-

· It is essential that you use the moisturize twice a day

· Application of the moisturizer is very vital as it helps to keep the skin moist

· It is a much needed treatment to help alleviate the dryness

4. Give advice on management of symptoms

Here are some substitutes:-

· I suggest you try making it a habit to use a moisturize daily even after your symptoms abate

· You should try using the lotion more often as this would prevent drying of your skin

· It might be a good idea to keep a moisturizing lotion in your bag to use when you go out in case you feel your skin dry and itchy.

These are just a few general phrases to help you get started.


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